Shyla Lopez is back

March 7, 2007  |  Desibabe, Shyla Lopez
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Miss India 1992 Shyla Lopez has now made it a habit to strike back at regular intervals to take the breath away of all couch potatoes.

In the last installment of ‘Dance Masti’ music series, the stunning beauty made all heads turns to the small screen with her seductive’n’stylish moves for the songs ‘Bahon Mein Chale Aayo’ and ‘Aajaa Piya’. She may have disappeared after that but it was hard for her fans to forget her. That’s the reason why it is time for double celebration as she is seen again in the latest on ‘Dance Masti’ front – ‘Dance Masti Forever’.

She features in two more tracks again, namely ‘Aa Jaane Jaa’ and ‘Raat Kali’ and needless to say comes across as a flawless beauty again. Needless to say, a good share of the album’s success should also be attributed to her presence in the music videos.

Keep coming back Shyla….you only improve with time!

Now she has been signed for a Tamil film Boys and Girls directed by Rajagopalan. Rajagopalan produced and distributed Malayalam films. The film is about a real life incident that took place in a school in USA. A thirteen year boy and an adult teacher fell in love. The teacher got pregnant. The case went to court who ordered that the teacher be jailed for having sex with a minor. Despite this the teacher and the boy continued to be in love.
Shyla Lopez plays the teacher and Arjun a new face plays the student. The film is shot in the campus in London.
Smooch scenes and real hot bedroom scenes are galore in the film. Shyla who hails from Bangalore was first offered a Tamil film by Action King Arjun. Shyla accompanied Lara Dutta for the shooting of Arasatchi. But fate willed her to act opposite newcomer Arjun. She says that all the smooches and roll in the bed are done by the character in the film and it is not me she argues. ?One has to give up something to get a name in films,”she states. Wonder what she has given up?

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